As a trained clinician, I wholeheartedly believe in the power of therapy. I do, however, also believe that much of our field is outdated and should adapt to modern-day society’s needs and accessibilities. My practice takes a more modernized approach by utilizing my experiences and training to provide counseling, coupled with aiding you in tapping into your internal resources, allowing you to realize your full potential and live your life
as the most powerful version of yourself. 


One of my goals is to reconnect you to your internal power source. To elaborate on that, for example, women have historically struggled in areas dealing with food and their bodies, with love, sex, and intimate relationships, as well as in their careers, and with money. I want to help you cultivate a solid connection to your desires, and your purpose, so that you are able to live with an unshakable sense of confidence in alignment with your goals. Together we will work to uncover past traumas, and latent negative belief systems, that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential. In its place, we will create a solid foundation that will support you as you thrive for years to come.
For example, I want to help you understand how addiction works by reframing the approach to addiction and its root causes. Together we will pinpoint the wound, discover the negative belief systems we have created within ourselves, and change the narrative to one that will benefit us instead of hold us back. This is how we reclaim our lives, and change the stories we tell ourselves that keep us in a negative feedback loop.


Through training under my mentor, Claire Bidwell Smith, I have learned how crucial & nuanced dealing with our grief is, whether involving loss of a partner or coping with past traumas (like a childhood with emotionally unavailable parents or sexual violations). If we don't deal with our grief around these events, we can develop long term generalized anxiety, depression, substance abuse, eating disorders. that. 

In our work together, I aim to assist you in not only understanding and processing the pain and trauma associated with your grief, but also how to utilize that deeper sense of knowledge to vibrate at a higher frequency during your time on Earth.


Trauma can present itself in different forms. There’s physical trauma, emotional trauma, and mental trauma. To expand a bit further, we can experience trauma from a singular event, intergenerational trauma, and even historical trauma.

I want to help you realize that trauma doesn’t need to be seen as a negative thing, and can actually help us to elevate ourselves on a personal level, recognize our deeper purpose, as well as to find new meaning to life. My approach is to accept that trauma happens and that we’ve all experienced it in some way, shape, or form. How we react to it, and the actions we take in response to it, are what help us to become even more powerful beings than we were before. This includes not using trauma as a reason to keep us victimized, but rather use it to transcend to an elevated state of being in order to move forward even stronger than we were before.


Are you struggling with chronic pain or physical conditions onset by stress, certain activities, or sometimes what appears to be no rhyme or reason at all? Examples of certain conditions include fibromyalgia, eczema, chronic back pain, bulging discs, GI issues, migraines, and even being injury prone. Perhaps you are someone who does a lot to manage your symptoms, but yearn for a different way or feel frustrated with the current medical model. More and more research is evidencing that, while our physical symptoms are very real, many of them are actually influenced by the neuroreceptors in our brains. So what does this mean for you? This means it's possible to greatly reduce (and sometimes even completely remove) the onset of these symptoms purely by retraining the brain. Sound good to be true? The effectiveness supporting this method is strong. This research is newer and very different from the current medical model, so it's normal to experience doubt and trepidation about it. If you think might possibly fit into this category, have a consultation with me so I can assess whether this method is the right fit for you.


$175/45-50 minute session

$240/45-50 minute session

A sliding scale based on household income may be offered on occasion. When possible I will work with you to find a way for therapy to be financially sustainable.

I believe the client/therapist relationship is the most important component of therapy, 
therefore I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation
to help you determine if I am the right fit. 

At this time only online appointments I look forward to connecting with you!