As a trained clinician, I wholeheartedly believe in the power of therapy. I do, however, also believe that much of our field is outdated and should adapt to modern-day society’s needs and accessibilities. My practice takes a more modernized approach by utilizing my experiences and training to provide counseling, coupled with aiding you in tapping into your internal resources, allowing you to realize your full potential and live your life
as the most powerful version of yourself. 


Attachment is the root of how we learn to connect with ourselves and others. If we are lucky enough to get secure attachment, we have an internal sense of feeling loved. We trust ourselves, life's ebbs & flows, and are able to recover when things don't go our way. We respond without heavy anxiety or avoidance & are able to have stable, long lasting, and fulfilling relationships. 

If you don't feel like this, find yourself struggling in some capacity in relationships or don't know if this sounds like you, you most likely have insecure attachment. Together we will work to grieve any experiences that have led to insecurity and create security within. You will gain an unshakable sense of confidence, reconnect to your internal power source and intuitive guidance.
This allows us to reclaim ourselves and the lives we desire.


Through training under my mentor, Claire Bidwell Smith, I have learned how crucial & nuanced dealing with our grief is, whether involving loss of a partner or coping with past traumas (like a childhood with emotionally unavailable parents or sexual violations).
If we don't deal with our grief around these events, we can develop
long term generalized anxiety, depression, substance abuse,
eating disorders.
In our work together, I aim to assist you in not only understanding and processing the pain and trauma associated with your grief, but also how to utilize that deeper sense of knowledge to vibrate at a higher frequency during your time on Earth.


Dealing with loss of a loved one is an unfathomable experience. And if we open to it, there are things our loved ones in the spiritual world can help us with in this physical realm. 

I have teamed up with the psychic and medium Ivy Sunderji to provide the one of a kind experience: receive a medium (or psychic) reading and therapeutic healing in a single session. This way you are able to hear messages “from the other side” while processing your experience. Allow this 2 hour session to connect you in ways you never imagined to the other side while merging your experience in the physical realm. Become more in touch with your own intuitive guidance and allow deep healing to occur. 


$250/50 minute session

$350/50 minute session


A sliding scale based on household income may be offered on occasion. When possible I will work with you to find a way for therapy to be financially sustainable. 


I believe the client/therapist relationship is the most important component of therapy,

therefore I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation

to help you determine if I am the right fit. 

At this time only online appointments I look forward to connecting with you!