Jacqueline Bush’s journey into wellness and spirituality began fourteen years ago when she decided to seek therapy for herself. The process helped her to discover more about her path, what she truly desires, as well as to recognize any negative behavioral patterns that were a hindrance to her personal growth. While on this path to self-discovery, she was able to pinpoint some issues that she believed therapists could improve upon. She believes that some forms of therapy lack a larger end goal, and don’t keep the client focused on the core issues at hand, which can lead to a client feeling lost, and/or like they aren’t really making much progress. She believes this approach to therapy is outdated, and while it may work for some, it’s not a cure-all for others.


Our mental and emotional health have long been ignored by traditional Western medicine. Numerous studies have revealed that there is a correlation between our mental health and some diseases. This is one reason for Jacqueline’s belief that our mind’s are more powerful than we sometimes understand, and that using a truly integrative approach to therapy can help us achieve greater things than we ever imagined.


Much of what blocks us on a mental level are past traumas, and conditioned belief systems.

Jacqueline works with clients to find the root cause of these underlying beliefs, and then guides them to tap into their intuition. Although it may feel like you lack intuition, it’s actually a practical skill that we all possess, however not all of us know how to harness it. Jacqueline will help you harness your intuition and use it to your benefit.


LGBTQ+ Statement


Jacqueline recognizes and understands the difficulties and challenges faced by members of the LGBTQ+ community. Her practice acknowledges the uniqueness of the roadblocks members of this community may face in a heteronormative world,
and will always provide a safe space to discuss, process, and overcome any obstacles and/or traumasthat anyone identifying as a member of this group may face.

I believe the client/therapist relationship is the most important component of therapy, 
therefore I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation
to help you determine if I am the right fit. 


Jacqueline is a passionate surfer and loves to explore new adventures.