Jacqueline's journey into well being began fourteen years ago when she began therapy to deal with what she thought was a small, simple issue. She gained deep insight into how much support and behavioral/thought reconditioning she actually needed, but it wasn't until years later when Jacqueline discovered the essential missing piece that changed everything for her: creating secure attachment. She believes the root of our issues lie in our attachment imprinting, and through this lens one's world can truly change.

Throughout her personal therapy journey, Jacqueline was also able to pinpoint some issues that she believed therapists could improve upon. She believes that some forms of therapy lack a larger end goal and don’t keep the client focused on the core issues at hand. This can lead to a client feeling lost, and/or like they aren’t really making much progress. She believes this approach to therapy is outdated,
and while it may work for some, it’s not a cure all for others. 
Our mental and emotional health have long been ignored by traditional Western medicine. More recently, studies are evidencing the correlation between our mental health, physical ailments, and even diseases. This is one reason for Jacqueline’s belief that our minds are more powerful than we sometimes understand, and that using a truly integrative approach to therapy can help us achieve greater things than we ever imagined.  Her approach is strongly influenced by providing healing not just mentally but also physically through attachment repair, somatic therapy, EMDR, & intuitive connection.

If you are someone who struggles with relationship problems (romantic, friendship, or family), self esteem, or continuous self blame, Jacqueline will help you change that. Through her work you will learn to build secure attachment within, which will change not only the way you operate and see relationships, but also the way you see yourself. You will learn to trust your intuition and your body, integrating both in how you navigate your world.

LGBTQ+ & BIPOC Statement

Jacqueline recognizes and understands the difficulties and challenges faced by members of the LGBTQ+ & BIPOC communites. Her practice acknowledges the uniqueness of the roadblocks members of these communities may face in a world that tends to normalize a singular dominant perspective, and will always provide
a safe space to discuss, process, and overcome any obstacles and/or traumas that
anyone identifying as a member of this group may face.